European Regions of Gastronomy Platform

Catalonia shares its award with other European regions that are notable for their gastronomic excellence and that are also committed to stimulating innovation and watching over sustainability and quality in the production of their products.

Minho 2016

The Minho Region is located in the north of Portugal, forty kilometers from the city of Oporto and border with the neighbour Galicia. At the moment the region is divided in sub-regions of Minho-Lima and Cávado, and partly by sub-regions Ave and Tamega. With a population of over 1.1 million inhabitants, the region is often associated with the green of its natural scenery, where water is in abundance.

Rija-Gauja 2017

Riga is the capital of Latvia, one of the metropolises belonging to the Baltic Region in Northern Europe. Together with the surrounding municipalities Riga forms the Greater Riga Region consisting in 1.2 million inhabitants, which conform 47% of the population in Latvia. The city concentrates most of the economy of the region and influences the surrounding regions in the agricultural activity.

East Lombardy 2017

Lombardy is a region situated in the Northwest of Italy. The region has a population of nearly 10 million inhabitants, distributed over an area of approx. 24,000 square kilometers. Lombardy Region has nine recognized UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thus laying claim to the highest concentration in Italy. The characteristics of these sites clearly testify to the richness and variety of the cultural heritage of this region. Many of the Lombard cities are steeped in art and culture, with significant historical and prestigious museum collections.

Aarhus 2017

East Jutland metropolitan area represents approximately 23% of the population of Denmark with 1.26 million people living in the area. Is the second largest Metropolitan area after the Copenhagen metropolitan area and consists of 17 municipalities. The metropolitan area is home to large companies specially in the sectors of energy, food, health and productivity. It’s also home to Denmark’s dynamic second city, Aarhus.

North Brabant 2018

Noord-Brabant is traditionally agrifood oriented. The strength of our province lies in the fact that we have been able to develop from a purely agrifood oriented region towards a multidisciplinary mosaic metropole with 5 large cities in strong cooperation, having high quality restaurants and a beautiful countryside just a stone’s throw away from these cities. Noord-Brabant stands for entrepreneurship, innovation and cooperation, all this in an atmosphere of mildness and hospitality.

Galway, West of Ireland 2018

Our region stretches from the small green fields and stone walls at the north of the county, east to the rich farmlands of the Shannon River basin, south to the unique karst landscape of the Burren and into the west to Galway city, the trout fishing capital of Europe, Lough Corrib, and the hills of Connemara, and along the wild, rugged Atlantic coast to our islands. Our rich soils and mild maritime climate produce grass that enables a strong and sustainable agricultural sector. Galway has one of the highest densities of restaurants in the country and our chefs work tirelessly with producers to promote the best of our region’s bounty on their menus.

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