Catalonia, European Region of Gastronomy 2016


06/09 to 08/26

The Ordal Peach Market

An essential date for each summer is the Ordal Peach Market, which started on June 9 and will be held every Saturday and Sunday until the end of August. The Ordal peach is a product of aromatic and gustatory quality, partly due to the type of calcareous and clayey soil of Subirats, and partly to be a dry crop, these factors give it a very precious aroma and taste. This year the spring rain has been very good and this has made the trees can develop well and the peaches get a good measure. Every weekend you will find the water peach, red and juicy, in a market in the Plaza Subirats de Sant Pau de Ordal.

  Subirats (Alt Penedès)

06/10 to 07/21

Tastasons Music and Food Festival

In Preixana summer nights are paired with music and gastronomy. Tastasons, the festival that combines live music, tastings and pairings of food products of the territory. It's about trying the music, or feeling the flavors. Or all at once. On July 7, the marriage will propose the music of Judit Neddermann with a tasting of brown veal from Casa Beta and cider from Riera Badias. On July 21, the turn will be for classical music and the sounds of the Berta Puigdemasa harp, and an assortment of sausages from Casa Beta, Can la Maria, Delights del Pato, Cal Cota and Nadal cheeses, with toothpicks from Forn Salvador and wine Mil Sons 2016.





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