Catalonia, European Region of Gastronomy 2016


12/08 to 12/08

Fair of the Oil Baronia of Cabacés

We are in time of the new oil and all over of the territory celebrate parties and days around the gastronomy of the "liquid gold", the oil of olive. One of these is the Fair of the Oil Baronia of Cabacés that offers, in addition to the stops of sale of oil, numerous activities for big and small. In addition to the diverse stops of the producers of oil, to the fair can find  shows of animation to the street, visits guided to the heritage of the village, harvest of olives, workshop of preparation of oil, games for boys, popular lunch and, before dark, session of dance.


11/23 to 12/09

Gastronomic Days of the “Romesco” in Cambrils

From November 23 to December 9, 22 restaurants in Cambrils will offer closed menus based on "Romesco" as the main element. The pairing of this product with the kitchen that is their own is exceptional given that romesco in cold sauce or cooked dish is a meal rooted in the seafaring tradition of Cambrils. During these days, the restaurants of Cambrils will offer, therefore, menus "enromescados" available to everyone with the aim of vindicating the roots of our cuisine, roots that go back to very ancient times. The same term romesco comes from the Mozarabic which means to mix and remove different things. This fact fits again with the gastronomic heritage of Cambrils.





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