Catalonia, European Region of Gastronomy 2016


04/28 to 06/10

The Gastronomic Days of the Strawberry

We are already in the time of strawberries and the best ones are in the Maresme. Taking advantage of this fact, 13 municipalities of the region come together to celebrate the Gastronomic Days of the Strawberry, a perfect opportunity to try and enjoy this exquisite and so springlike fruit. During a whole month you can taste the best dishes of strawberries in the restaurants in the area that participate. Arenys de Munt, Canet de Mar, Sant Pol de Mar, Sant Cebrià de Vallalta and Sant Iscle de Vallalta also celebrate the Strawberry Fair of La Vallalta, where you can find the best strawberries on the market. The variety of strawberries of the Maresme is of intense red color, it has a very sweet flavor but with an acid point, of fleshy texture and a delicious aroma.


04/08 to 05/08

The Clotxa Gastronomic Days

The "clotxa" is the traditional dish par excellence of the Ribera del Ebro, which goes back to the agricultural origins of the region and at the same time highlights the simplicity and richness of our cuisine. In recent years, the demand for "clotxa" has led to its presence both in private homes and also to different manifestations of our popular culture and also in many of the restaurants of the Ribera de Ebro, which, with imagination and professionalism, They have incorporated new formats that enrich this traditional dish even more. Among the days that have been consolidated, the Fiesta de la Clotxa, a popular party that has the "clotxa" as the main protagonist and which, year after year is celebrated in an itinerant way. The Clotxa Festival in the Ribera de Ebro will be held this year in La Serra de Almós. In addition, this Fiesta begins the presence of the "clotxa" in many of the restaurants in the region. The Clotxa Gastronomic Days will be held from April 8 to May 5.

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